Defense For Dwi - Driving While Intoxicated, From Bail Bond Agents

Norristown Bail Bondsman

They know that Mason headed to Fort Hood, Texas to visit a friend without permission and on his way back was pulled over by a deputy in Goldthwaite, Texas on March 15. The deputy found weapons in the car that did not have permits, so Mason was arrested and his car impounded. When he got out of jail on March 17, a bail bondsman took him to a motel in Early, Texas and then picked him up the next morning so he could go to the Wells Fargo bank to withdraw bond money. Then a woman who worked for the bondsman drove Mason 100 miles to a bus station in San Angelo, Texas where he bought a ticket to Abilene, Texas so he could return to Colorado Springs. He has not been seen since.

The bail bond agent will charge a percentage of the bail amount for his services. Usually, it is 10% of the bail amount but can be higher or lower in different counties. The charges will further increase if the arrested person flees. Then the co-signor will have to bear all the expenses incurred while attempting to arrest the fugitive and get him back.

Once bail is set you have two options available to you. You can either pay your own bail, providing you have some pretty large bank sitting around with easy access to it or you can hire a Norristown Bail Bondsman to make your bail for you.

Many people are clueless about a Bail Bond. It is not till they are in trouble with the law that they feel the need to read on this subject. Many people have faced situations where their friends and family members have been accused of a crime and sent to jail. They are aware that they can take a bail to get the person out of jail. But they do not know how to. It is in such situations that the services of a good consultancy can prove to be quite helpful. These service providers are capable of helping people get in touch with a good bail agent.

Remember every jurisdiction is different. Some have different procedures and rules for quashing a warrant. It is always best to contact an attorney to explain the proper procedures that way you don't end up spending a night in jail when you don't have it.

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