Screw It

When I began thinking of publishing, there were several different things that I listed out; I am just enthusiastic about so many things which I could not decide to write on just one. Gadgets, Cell phones, Video games, Design, Jewellery, Cooking and also the list is lengthy!

And So I ultimately concluded I am going to talk about what I feel and am in the frame of mind for. I don’t intend this to be a mushy blog, I want this to become a absolutely no holds barred blog where I've the freedom to publish the way I wish to, the way I wish to when I wish to. Fortunately there aren't any due dates waiting and no one is monitoring my language :)

So I will certainly let off steam about everything - be it obama, burnt lasagna, or the torn pair of shoes! So screw it! Feel free to leave a comment or agree with me or disagree with me.

So to warm up here's a joke to create the mood -

The teacher asked Jimmy, "Why is your cat at school today Jimmy?" Jimmy replied crying, "Because I heard my daddy tell my mommy, 'I am going to eat that p*ssy once Jimmy leaves for school today!'"

This was in fact just an intro, next will probably be a rant, I promise

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